Our services start with a free initial consultation, where we'll listen to you, analyze the facts, and identify your options with the pros and cons of each. And then we get to work, telling you everything you need to know along the way. We'll even hold your hand, if that’s what you need, but we won’t nickel and dime you in the process.


We're not cheap, but we are reasonable. We bill by the hour, on a fixed fee basis, or a mixture of both. We make recommendations with your best interest in mind, not ours. We don't over-lawyer or over-bill. If we can achieve your goals by doing less, we will. If you can do it yourself just as effectively as we can, we’ll tell you. It’s that simple.


We will give you an honest, thoughtful evaluation of your case. If you come to us for estate planning, we won't sell you a trust if a simple will can do the job. If you're being sued or considering filing a lawsuit, we'll tell you if you can’t win. We’ll even tell you if you'd be better off hiring another law firm.



We offer estate planning services. Those services include: Advising on, and crafting, an estate plan; drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, and all other necessary documents; and reviewing, analyzing, and modifying estate plans, as necessary.


We will do our upmost to help you resolve your differences with your neighbors. If an amicable resolution just isn't possible, we will represent you in cases involving boundary, fence, tree, and nuisance disputes.


We help real estate brokers and agents stay abreast of, and comply with, California’s Real Estate Law, advising on disclosure duties; fiduciary duties; trust accounts; reporting requirements; broker supervisory responsibilities; and professional responsibilities.


We advise, and represent, small businesses on employment matters. We have a compliance-first approach, educating business owners about their legal rights and responsibilities. We also defend them in state or federal court.


We do our best to avoid litigation, going the extra mile to resolve business disputes as amicably as possible. When litigation is the last resort, we have the skills and experience to represent you in state or federal court.


We have extensive antitrust experience. We will help you comply with federal and state antitrust laws, respond to subpoenas and government civil investigative demands, and defend you in court, if necessary.

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